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22 April, 2019


Today April 26, 2019 you have been randomly selected to participate in this survey. It will only take you a minute and you will have the chance to receive this prize: £1,300 gift card.

Like every Friday we randomly give 10 users fantastic prizes. The prize of today is £1,300 to spend at Asda! Only 10 lucky users who live in UK will be the winners!

This survey's purpose is to improve the service to our users.

You only have 0 Minute and 06 Seconds, to participate.

Hurry up! There is a limited number of prizes!

Question 1/4: Are you a man or a woman?


Question 2/4: How old are you?


Question 3/4: How many people live at your place?

Only me

Question 4/4: Have you ever bought in Asda?


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You answered 4/4 questions!

There are no more surveys from your IP.

There are still gifts availabe!

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George Brown

Great!! I’ve never won anything before!

Like · Comment 22 ·3 April, 2019

Harry Evans

I thought it was a scam, but I received the gift card this morning by mail. I’d like to do more surveys!

Like · Comment 8 ·2 April, 2019

Jack Williams

I love offers like this!!!

Like · Comment 50 ·2 April, 2019

Olivia Smith

At first I thought it was a joke, but I really got my £1,300 gift card! I’ve already told my friends so they can get theirs too! lol

Like · Comment 32 ·1 April, 2019

Lily Walker

I participated, I won and in only 5 days I received my gift card! Thank you very much guys

Like · Comment 54 ·31 March, 2019

Paul Clarke

I won! I won!! I’ll celebrate it today!!

Like · Comment 51 ·30 March, 2019

Oscar Thomson

Any other survey I can do?

Like · Comment 18 ·29 March, 2019

Emma Davies

Shit I never win anything :(

Like · Comment 20 ·28 March, 2019

Amelia Taylor

Can I get my gift card today? Thank you

Like · Comment 19 ·27 March, 2019

Megan Harris

Have you ever seen something like that? Maybe you had a bad day, but you can try it more times!

Like · Comment 29 ·26 March, 2019

John Standing

They called me and told me I won! I am super happy!!

Like · Comment 32 ·25 March, 2019

The prize is £1,300 voucher o gift card to spend on your favourite shops: Amazon, Apple Store, Curry's, Dixon's... The image of this gift card is just a sample. Asda is not organizer nor sponsor of this promotion.